Tips to attract traffic to your website with a corporate blog

Image result for corporate blog One of the most important pillars to attract traffic to our website is to work with a corporate blog. The content strategy is a fundamental part of digital marketing, but what does this mean? The planning of a good corporate blog will be the tool that materializes this content strategy and will be a key piece for attracting users if its content is planned correctly.

In this article, we will review the concept of corporate blog and give some clues or tips to enhance this tool that contributes to the improvement of brand image or branding , SEO positioning, traffic to our website … and other advantages that will be discussed here.


What is a corporate blog?

Image result for corporate blogThe corporate blog is a content marketing tool for the company that must be perfectly planned and contain updated, frequent information … allowing the reader to get closer and know more about the company, also providing added value with interesting information for the reader or potential client.


Advantages of a good corporate blog


The advantages of the good use of the corporate blog are diverse. Let’s see some of them:

Generation of quality traffic for your web page

Generation of quality traffic for your web page

As the corporate blog is intended to create added value for users and improve the user experience , Internet users who go to that space on your website, is quality traffic interested in your content.

Increase in potential leads

Increase in potential <em>leads</em>

This advantage goes hand in hand with the previous one. If the traffic attracted to your blog is of quality, it is possible to convert it into potential leads . A contact is called a “lead” that we get from a potential client. It is important to treat this contact a posteriori in order to convert it into a real customer.

To obtain leads or data from potential clients, it will be necessary to use subscription forms to the newsletter , downloads of guides or useful documents, courses … that allow collecting the personal data of the visitors.

Improvement of SEO positioning

The internet giant, Google is the protagonist of SEO positioning. To be able to be, both in its first results and those of other search engines, after a search, the creation of a good corporate blog and, therefore, of relevant content will allow us to position ourselves in a better position.

For this to happen it is necessary to have carried out a good study of key words or keywords to generate relevant content around it. Do not forget that the main mission is the quality of the content.

Empowerment of branding

Building an identity or improving the brand image will be easier if you share it in the corporate blog. The philosophy and business culture related to a series of positive factors is immediately promoted by the reader or visitor.

It increases and improves online reputation and brand notoriety since the brand image is created and related to positive factors developed in the blog, it sits in the minds of users in a less intrusive way than with traditional advertising.


In order to get the most out of it and benefit from these advantages, what advice should I take into account?


Tips for creating a good corporate blog

Image result for corporate blogIf you already have a corporate blog or if you want to start creating one and be able to benefit from the above-mentioned advantages, evaluate these tips that we give you to be a strong tool for attracting potential customers for your company:

Determine the target audience or target of the corporate blog


Answer the question: who is my audience? It is the main answer you should find before you start writing.

Subsequent to know who they are, is to discover what they need and how they behave to be able to address them by providing added value and solving their problems, concerns or needs.

Investigate and collect information on the theme of the corporate blog

When you have analyzed the needs and behaviors of the audience you are going to address, you have to investigate the content you are going to write. You must try to discover through an analysis, what are the most wanted, most interesting contents …

In this way you will be able to build an editorial calendar of relevant content that will contribute that usefulness to the public.

Importance of the post title of the corporate blog

When the subject of the post that you are going to write is decided, looking for a title that encourages readers to read and share your content is very important.

Content structure of the corporate blog

Having optimized the elements that make up the corporate blog is essential.

The titles, the images, incorporate multimedia content, infographics … in short, make it attractive, build a simple structure that facilitates the understanding of the reader is the goal to pursue.

Define the frequency of publication in your corporate blog

Define the frequency of publication in your corporate blog

There is no established frequency that is “mandatory” but it is necessary to be persistent and continuous in your publications. This control can be carried out together with the contents in an editorial calendar that relates the dates of publications with the topics on which it is going to be written.

One post a week, determine what day you publish … are routines or habits that you can create your audience.

Promote the corporate blog in networks

If you want the user of your corporate blog to share what you write, the main thing is that you do it.

In the networks of your company, external campaigns … are recommended actions to enhance the relevance of your blog.

Measure results of the corporate blog

For all the actions, campaigns … that you carry out in the company, have to do with digital marketing or not, it is essential to keep track of results.

Detect errors and amend them is important to increase the effectiveness, in this case the blog if the goals that you prefixed before you start writing or enhance efforts in this tool are not consequent.