How does Bizum, the new 'app' to pay with the mobile?

  • The entities that will participate represent a market share of more than 95%.
  • It may be used soon to make purchases in stores and online ; at the moment it only works for payments between individuals.
  • The money is transferred from account to account instantaneously; You can transfer from 50 cents to 500 euros per operation per day.
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Who has not ever needed to pay a dinner to a friend and found that he did not have enough money? And how many times have we paid at the bar everyone's drinks because the others did not have coins? These are some of the situations that can be avoided with a new system of payments between individuals that has arrived this week in Spain.

What is Bizum?

Bizum is an application for mobile that allows payments and collections between individuals, for cases in which the intermediaries do not have money in cash and without needing to know the bank account number of the recipient of the payment.

How can you start using this application?

There is no specific application for Bizum, but the service is integrated into the banks' own apps. In other words, in order to make payments through the mobile phone, it is only necessary to download the mobile operating platform of the bank of which you are a customer. Within these applications will be offered the possibility to customers to use the service. To make payments, both the money issuer and the receiver must have the app active.

What banks offer it?

For the moment, it can be used by the bank account holders of 16 Spanish banks: Caixabank, BBVA, Santander, Sabadell, Bankia, Banco Popular, Kutxabank, Ibercaja, Bankinter, Liberbank, Laboral Kutxa, Cecabank, Caja Sur, Imagin Bank, Oficinadirecta. com and Banco Pastor. These entities comprise 82% of the market share of the sector in Spain. During this month the service will be extended to eight other banks, which would reach a 95% quota. In addition, the managers of Bizum are working to incorporate another ten banking entities in the next months, although they do not give more details of which are those entities with which they are negotiating.

What kind of payments can be made with the application?

The service is designed to make small payments between individuals quickly. Money transactions are made from account to account, but it is not necessary to know the deposit number. It is enough to enter the intermediary's phone number, which facilitates the sending of money. In reality, its greatest use is to replace the delivery of cash. The situations in which it is useful are countless: for example, to pay half the dinner of a restaurant when we do not have loose coins, to charge the cost of a gift among a group of friends or even to ask for the repayment of a debt to someone without the excuse that he has no money at that moment.

Is there a money limit?

It is designed to carry out exchanges of small quantities. Transactions through Bizum may range between 50 cents and 500 euros, ie you can pay from a coffee to the month of rent to our roommate. In any case, each bank will have the power to set a different limit within that range.

Is the use of the app free or will they ask for a commission?

The banks that work with Bizum offer the service free of charge to their clients in the current launch phase. However, some of them do not rule out charging some type of commission in the future. At the moment, the only one that has already established its commission policy is Bankinter, which will offer the first ten operations free of charge. Between the eleventh transaction and the twentieth will be charged one euro. For the rest of operations there are still no details. In any case, the banks propose to exempt users from the payment of the commission with a high degree of fidelity.

Is the use of this application safe?

One of the great reluctance of consumers when using electronic commerce is the fear that payments are not made or that intermediaries can access personal and financial data. The banking entities, aware of this reluctance, clarify that the application is backed by the security systems of banks and complies with banking regulations regarding payments and data protection. In addition, to make the money transaction it will not be necessary to enter personal data or the bank account digits, so there is no way for any hacker to access confidential data. Bizum takes advantage of the information that already resides in the banks.

Will there be new bizum utilities in the future?

At the moment, only the account-based payment service is available, but the company that manages the application is already working so that in the future it can also be used to close online purchases and even to pay in shops. The system that would be used for this would be the NFC (near-field-communication, or proximity communication) and the POS (terminal point of sale).

Will there be enough users of this application?

For the use of this application to be successful it is necessary to extend it among the citizens, since the payer and the collector must have downloaded the platform. The managers of Bizum assure that 37,000 users have already been registered and more than 7,500 operations have been carried out. "It's a spectacular start," said yesterday the CEO of Bizum, Angel Nigorra. The goal is to reach 1,000 million operations in a period of five years. This would be equivalent to making 7% of all electronic banking transactions through this service.

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Drones insurance – Hobbypiloten need this insurance protection

Drones for fun enjoy ever greater popularity. But only very few amateur pilots realize that there are special rules for data and insurance protection for flying, filming and taking photos from the air. answers the most important questions about drones, such as whether the flying objects must be insured.

So sind Hobby-Drohnen richtig versichert
Hobby drones need special insurance

There are numerous models of drones that are used by amateur pilots: from small models weighing one kilo to massive aircraft that go well over five kilos . Regardless of size , the drones – also known as Quadro or Multicopter – can be equipped with various accessories such as a video or photo camera. However, since their use involves various dangers, amateur pilots need special insurance cover . When using cameras, privacy issues also play an important role. has at Dr. med. Volker Eckert of the German Model Flyer Association (DMFV) and the specialist lawyer for IT law Michael Terhaag asked what rights and obligations consumers have and how it stands for the insurance protection.

How are hobby drones and their “pilots” insured?

Most private liability insurance companies do not include model airplanes, which include privately used drones, in their protection. But “for airplanes there is a statutory compulsory insurance. The liability insurance exists in the form of a holder liability insurance for aircraft models, “said Eckert. The DMFV offers corresponding insurance protection through membership. “Cameras for drones are also insured.” But this protection only applies to European model airfields. Who wants to enjoy worldwide protection and also wants to fly outside of club grounds, needs additional insurance, which is also offered for example by the DMFV. Good to know: Such extra insurance is not needed if the model weighs less than 1,000 grams .

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This damage does not cover liability insurance

According to Eckert, “most privately used copters fall into the range easy and slow .” But that does not mean that they can do no damage. “Anyone who has appropriate insurance coverage is insured against damage to third parties. This also includes damage caused by ‘force majeure’ – when a flight model crashes through a gust of wind. However, the damage to the operated model is not insured . “

However, the protection is never “when the pilot acts intentionally” or violates laws . In general, “pilots in Germany need an official permit to operate aircraft models with a take-off weight of more than 5 kg. In addition, combustion models (powered equipment) weighing more than 5 kg must be operated at a distance of more than 1.5 km from the outskirts . “

Some models – for example, sailors and electric models under 5 kg – can fly in residential areas with only a few restrictions . Every recreational pilot is responsible for not endangering, disturbing, or otherwise harassing anyone. “When flying on foreign land, the owner or tenant must be asked for his consent . The statutory provisions must be observed. “Eckert continues.


Liability insurance also independent of a model flying club

Although most liability insurance excludes damage to model airplanes and drones . But that is not the case for all insurers. Interested parties should therefore inform themselves with their provider exactly.

Beware of no-fly zones: ignorance does not protect against punishment

Drones, like all other model airplanes, are not allowed to fly into no-fly zones . “It is the responsibility of the pilot of a model to inquire whether, when and where he may operate his model.” Anyone who is unsure, can ask the German air traffic control. There are also special maps showing no-fly zones. Insurance companies point out that “the insurance cover only exists in full if the statutory provisions are adhered to, ” explains Eckert.

No-fly zone: These are the legal consequences

Michael Terhaag, who deals mainly with the topic of data protection and privacy rights, adds to the issue of no-fly zones that the typical no-fly zones include, for example, hospitals, military facilities and crowds (demos, concerts) . “You should not be flown over, nor filmed or photographed.” The specialist advises also advised against flying over highways. On the other hand, you can easily raise your drone over gardens, parks, and public spaces, and also film and photograph there .

Whether damage occurs or not: “Anyone who gets into a no-fly zone with his drone and gets caught in spite of his efforts must, in most cases, expect a fine, ” says Terhaag. However, this is very different in height. It depends primarily on whether a “serious effort” by the pilot is shown to behave properly. “For example, anyone who accidentally gets into a no-fly zone with a small drone usually gets away with a warning. However, anyone who makes a 20 kg drone fly over a demonstration has not informed himself well enough, “explains Terhaag in an interview.

Drones and privacy: Where are video recordings and photos allowed?

Who wants to take an aerial photo with a drone is limited in its radius and its possibilities over some guidelines . In general, ” everyone has the right to their own image, ” explains Terhaag. Who makes targeted pictures or recordings of third parties acts unlawful. “In such cases, no hobby pilot is protected by his liability insurance for claims for damages or claims for damages.” On the other hand, this looks different when the hobby pilot can prove that the person being photographed merely appears as an “accessory” – not as the actual reason for the shots.

“Pork heavy and crazy dangerous”: These are possible damage by drones

According to the lawyer, drones, depending on their weight, size and functions , can cause serious personal injury and property damage. “In addition, it is possible to seriously violate applicable law.” For example, against the right to their own image. “A drone can be used to take pictures of people in the neighboring garden or in an outdoor swimming pool . This is illegal . If pilots are detected in unauthorized shooting, the victims have the right to withhold the drone and delete the footage. Legal consequences follow depending on the situation. There are really far-reaching consequences for pilots who illegally film or photograph other people and publish the material – for example on Facebook. “