• BLOG: Each player will take 720,000 euros if Spain wins the World Cup.
  • The amount would be paid by the Spanish Federation, not even one euro comes from public money.
  • The RFEF draws large numbers of friendly, sponsors and sports awards.
  • France, Brazil and Germany would take, to win, less than half that Spain.
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The 23 summoned for the World Cup of the Spanish team. EFE

After making public the bonuses that could receive the players of the Spanish team in case of winning the World Cup or even go far in it, many voices have shown their indignation and many questions to be resolved.

The most important clarification that must be done is that not one euro of that amount comes from public money . The total cost of the premium to the players (€ 16,560,000) plus what the coaching staff takes away, complete, from the Spanish Federation.

How much do you charge?

Each player will take 720,000 euros if Spain wins the World Cup. In the case of runners-up , the amount would be 360,000 euros , while in the semifinals the figure is 180,000, for rooms 120,000 and for eighteen 60,000 . If it falls eliminated in the first round, there would be no bonus.

Where does the money come from? Who pays?

The RFEF is the only sports federation that waives State subsidies . His income is very high and he does not need to receive a quantity of the PGE (General State Budgets) as if they do the rest of the federations.

The Spanish team has 19 sponsors who contribute large amounts

Therefore, the more than 16.5 million euros that will be taken by the players come from the Spanish Football Federation. Their numerous (already high prices, in addition) sports sponsorships (19 sponsors, with Cruzcampo, Iberdrola and Movistar at the top), the money that FIFA gives to win the World Cup (about 30 million euros) and the succulent amounts that the national team Spanish takes out for each friendly match that disputes makes facing that amount is no problem.

We must conclude, therefore, that the amount sounds immoral, but does not differ in anything from the premiums paid by Real Madrid or Barça, the salary of Lebron James or that of a CEO of an oil company.

Who charges them?

The amount that has been published in the media, those 720,000 euros, is for each player . Of the bonus that Vicente del Bosque and his technical team would receive, nothing is known, although the normal figure is that the figure is the same.

How much and where is it taxed?

After winning the 2008 European Championship , the Spanish soccer players paid their taxes in Austria, taking advantage of an agreement between our country and the Central European one that dated from the Franco regime.

The taxation of the premiums would be in Spain

After the victory in the World Cup in South Africa there was much controversy because the players wanted the taxation was made in the African country , but eventually it was not and the money from those taxes went to the coffers of the Tax Agency. After the victory in the Eurocopa of Ukraine and Poland, the players also paid taxes in Spain.

As with Brazil there is an agreement on double taxation, taxes, 52% of the amount received ( 8,652,000 euros ), would go to the Spanish Treasury .

Is it more than other tournaments?

Yes, in the World Cup in South Africa the amount was 600,000 euros , so there has been an increase of 20%. In the Eurocopa of 2012 the figure was 300,000 euros , while in the 2008 was 214,000 .

How much do other selections take?

Being a negotiation between the players of each country and their respective football federation, each selection takes a different amount. Surprisingly , Germany, France and Brazil would take less than half that Spain (300,000 Germans, 330,000 Gauls and the local team). Of course, it should be clarified that these are unofficial figures that are usually made public when the tournament ends.


Do you think the figure that every player in Spain would win for winning the World Cup is exorbitant?

Yes, in these times it is immoral to take 720,000 euros.
89.08% (4029 votes)
Yes, they should charge at most the same as in the previous World Cup.
2.92% (132 votes)
No, soccer players generate that money and it is fair that they receive it if they win.
8% (362 votes)
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